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New CD is in Production!

My latest CD is ready for release and should be available by April 1st. It is called REUNION, because of one of the songs on the CD named REUNION, and because I have re visited and re worked a few old songs from earlier CDs and allowed the amazing Jim Soldi to add his magic touch to these older tracks. I again worked with Jim and an amazing collection of talented musicians to make my little songs sound better than I could have imagined. Stayed tuned for more information as we get closer to the release date!


From the April, 2017 San Diego Troubadour...

"Bill Hartwell has released four solo CDs, including three since 2013’s The Road I’m On. Along the way, he has established himself as one of the most reliable and imaginative acoustic singer/songwriters on the local scene. He is a superb guitarist, with an immediately endearing vocal persona, and his songs range from keen observations, to warm and introspective, to clever pieces of social commentary. Like earlier discs, his latest, Turning Point, is an immaculately produced, generous batch of 13 catchy tunes that will earn Hartwell new fans and bring a smile to those who have already discovered him."....Frank Korcher, SD Troubadour


Here is the full review For TURNING POINT from the April 2017 edition of the San Diego Troubadour... check it out!!

The New CD... 'Turning Point' is done and available now! I had the pleasure of working with Jim Soldi on the production of Turning Point,  and it was a great experience.  Jim has played and toured with Johnny Cash and Ricky Skaggs, among others, and brought a great production touch to my little songs.  Not to mention, playing some amazing tracks on multiple instruments and adding some rich harmony vocals to many of the songs.  Add in some other great musicians adding tracks... like Sharon Whyte, Ken Gill, Danny Campbell and Bob Sale, and I'm very thrilled with the sound of this CD.  The Lyrics to all the songs are in the LYRICS section, you can listen to some samples in the LISTEN section, and, you can visit the DOWNLOAD MUSIC section to buy any of the tunes from CDBABY, either as a download or they will ship the actual CD to you.  Thanks for listening and send me a note and tell me what you think of the tunes...!



Here is a link to the San Diego Troubadour, a local newspaper that supports the San Diego Music scene.  They were kind enough to review two of my previous CD releases.  Thanks to Frank Korcher and the staff at the Troubadour for all you do to support San Diego Musicians! These CD's are already available on CDBABY right now using the DOWNLOAD MUSIC link on the site.  "Support Musicians.... Buy Their Music"  Thanks!

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About Bill....

Bill is a singer-songwriter  who currently resides in San Diego, CA. He primarily performs in Southern California, but his gigs have taken him from coast to coast.  He has been playing and performing for over 30 years and has five CDs of original songs.   Come in and look around!