Wander Down This Road

I got John Prine playing on my stereo
He’s hammerin the truth with every song
I'm out here wandering down life’s highway
Still trying to find the place where I belong
Got one foot in the world of suits and numbers
Where meaning is the measure of one’s gold
The rest of me is searching through the darkness
For the meaning that’s  the measure of one’s soul
Oh Johnny, It’s those lies we tell ourselves that hurt the most
Oh Johnny, Sometimes the past will haunt you like a ghost…oh it haunts you like a ghost
The morning sky is color trapped in chaos
Angry red, yellow grey and blue
Your love has always been the constant
That guiding light that always pulls me through

Love lies in the passion of the moment
But it’s built upon a promise from the past
Only a fool would try to tell the future
But I always knew my love for you would last

Oh Johnny...Sometimes this big old goofy world can drag you down
Oh Johnny..It’s love that turns this world around…it turns the world around

So for every sun that sets there is a sunrise        
Every ending is the start of something new        
I may not know where I’m goin but thats all right
If I can wander down this road with you…
I want to wander down this road with you
Yeah wander, down this road, with you.

The Next Best Time is Now

Got a real nice calendar, hanging on my wall
I turn the pages, spring, summer fall
The days go by, the years do too
And I don’t get done, all I want to do

    I should have started days ago
    Why I didn’t I don’t know
    Regret just seems to make it worse somehow
    Rising tides and changing seasons
    Yesterday’s for useless reasons    
    Ah, the next best time is now

I got excuses that I hold dear
Like sacred cows, born out of fear
I can’t go back, where I was then
So I turn the page, one more time again

    I should have started weeks ago
    Why I didn’t I don’t know
    Regret just seems to make it worse somehow
    Rising tides and changing seasons
    Yesterday’s for useless reasons    
    Ah, the next best time is now
Action leads to inspiration
Tomorrow is where dreams go to vacation
If I go now, where I didn’t go then
I won’t regret, where I’ve never been

    I should have started years ago
    Why I didn’t I don’t know
    Regret always  makes it worse somehow
    Rising tides and changing seasons
    Yesterday’s for useless reasons    
    Ah, the next best time is now


Little by Little

You only say you love me on a lonely night
You squeeze and hug me but it’s just not as tight

    Little by Little
    Little by Little
    Oh Little by Little by Little I’m losing you

I text you my love but you don’t reply    
Your Facebook friends are only other guys
    Little by Little
    Little by Little
    Oh Little by Little by Little I’m losing you

    I call you up you say your home alone    
    When I stop by there’s no one home
    My GPS knows where you are
    You’re down drinkin at the surfer bar
    You Used to say I was all you need
    But now you don’t follow my Twitter feed
        Oh Little by Little by Little I’m losing you

        You used to say it was love not money
        You laughed with me all my jokes were funny    
        Now you’re lookin like Beverly Hills    
        There’s someone new payin all your bills    
        You got smoking hot photos out on Instagram
        Tell me who’s got your camera in his hand
        Oh Little by Little by Little I’m losing you

    Little by Little
    Little by Little
    Little by Little
    Little by Little
    Oh Little by Little by Little I’m losing you



 The Road I’m On

Angry Ocean, ragged sky,   Dead end roads where dreamers die
Dark clouds on the horizon
Been walkin this world petrified,  Afraid to take that step outside
Every one has made the bed he lies on
    When did this heart of mine grow numb
    When did this road I’m on become….  The Road I’m On

Idealistic youthful passion,  Vanished when I chose to cash in
How easily I made that turn
The courage of a hearts conviction,  Disappeared and left me driftin
So sure that I knew everything I had to learn
    A soul hitchhiker with out a thumb
    I guess that’s how I let this road become….The Road I’m On

    Back before, time had flown.
    My head just couldn’t leave my heart alone
    Now farther down this road I’ve found    
    Seems to work much better, the other way around

A train can’t roll down broken track,  If I’ve passed that point of turning back
I still won’t let regret replace my dreams
One thing that I know is true,  Is that love will always pull you through
And love is always closer than it seems
Now its not so much where this road is bound
I’ll just keep on makin my way down down…This road I’m On



Money Makes the Monkey Dance

Circus towns, childhood memories
Midway freaks and fantasies
Down beyond the waffle stand
I would always find the monkey man
He played his organ grinder song
I know it well, I’d sing along
That monkey danced around his cup
We threw our coins, he picked them up    
But Grandpa told me , son don’t be fooled
It ain’t the music that makes his rules

    Money makes the monkey dance
    Money makes the monkey dance
    Puts those coins into his pants
    Money makes the monkey dance

Here I am a full grown man
A citizen of this great land
A pillar of democracy
A model for the world to see
We choose our leaders strong and kind,
With open heats and open minds
Who fight when they believe they should
But bend to meet the greater good
But again I’ve learned that I’ve been fooled
We the People, don’t make the rules





Got a gated house, high on the hill
It’s got more rooms than I could ever fill
Great big garage, with 6 new cars
When Im alone at night, I swear I can reach up and touch the stars
Never had much time for Friends and family
But I own everything that I could ever need

I’m one of the lucky ones, I’ve got what they ain’t got
When it comes to things Yeah  I’ve got a lot
Im one of the lucky ones, good fortune’s favorite son
I’ll live my live until my days are done
As one of the lucky ones

I work real hard but times are tough
Payday comes it just aint enough
But I love you and you love me
And the roots of love run deep in this family tree
Owning things just never meant that much to me
I’ve got all the love a man could need

    Im one of the lucky ones, I’ve got what they aint got
    When it comes to love, Yeah I got a lot
    I’m one of the lucky ones, good fortune’s favorite son
    I’ll live my life until my days are done
    As one of the lucky ones


The Older I get

Memories…turn into history
Altered recollections of what really used to be
Skills at best  pedestrian, have grown in stature since back then
What was boring and mundane is now epic and insane
My past of mediocrity is not my new reality

The Older I get, the better I used to be
Further and further away from true reality
My futures bright and that’s because
My past is getting  better than it ever was
The older I get the better I used to be

Girls back then, never knew my name
But over time, that fact has changed
With my razor wit and boyish charms, I had a different girl on different arms
And every single one of them, was at least a 9 or almost 10
Those Friday nights I spent alone, were just because I chose to stay at home


Oh, I really sucked at basketball, but these days,  that is not what I recall
In my fabricated fame, I made the shot that won the game
If you could have seen me then, I was something way back when


 Never Too Far From The Wild

Born in the city Concrete & Steel, but he’s never too far from the wild
Rides the world on the turning wheel. But he’s never too far from the wild
Trapped in this moment of day by day, dreamin of the moment he can get away
You can see it in his smile
He’s never too far from the wild
White Picket fence, mini van, But she’s never too far from the wild
Hiding in the love of a family man,  she is never too far from the wild
Passion is a curse she can’t contain, she feeds the hunger to avoid the pain
That she hides behind her smila
She’s never too far from the wild

    Adrenaline rush of risk and reward
    Where the only sin is being bored
    Bigger & Better, More & More
    You cant see the cliff its pulling you toward

Public Image, Private Lives, never too far from the wild
One side is what the other denies, never too far from the wild
The burden of a secret takes its toll
The weight of a lie destroys the soul
That a smile can not hide….never too far from the wild

We Did Then

You used to have, a spell on me,
ou’d ask for one, I’d give you three
You could make my world,  stop spinning round,
I loved that pretty little finger I was wrapped around
    But love like time can slip away,  
    Ignore the moment, you'll lose the day
    That loving hold, you had on me,  
    Is now just one more fading memory

I did then, but I don’t now
My love for you was lost somehow
And going back in time is not allowed    
I did then, but I don’t now

Remember how, it used to be,
You said my love was all you need
In your eyes, I could do no wrong,  
You were Fay Raye, I was King Kong
    But that look has faded from your eye,  
    What once was true, is now a lie
    You can no longer hide the way you feel,  
    Your eyes betray what your words conceal

You did then, but you don’t now
Your love for me, was lost somehow
And going back in time is not allowed
You did then, but you don’t now.
        No one knows, just where love goes
        Like a river that no longer flows
        Love is not always destiny
        Maybe it was you,  maybe it was me

We did then, but we don’t now
That love we had was lost somehow
And going back in time is not allowed
We did then, but we don’t now…
yeah we did then, but we don’t now


Memories of You

Sailboat sailing on the open sea
Gentle breeze fills every sail
Drifting off toward that horizon    
Through the sunsets fiery veil

Like that ship that has now  disappeared
Some things I can no longer see    
But in these memories and dreams I have
You will always be with me

I know sometimes I'll be lonely
And I will miss you everyday
But most of all, I will be grateful for
your gifts to me I can't repay
I stand here today a better man
Having walked this world with you
So here's my song in celebration of    
These memories of you

Everyone must climb their mountains
We all have burdens that we bear
But the challenges I've had to face
Next to yours just don't compare

As you lived and loved through all of them
with your own grace and your own pride
I learned the beauty of the spirit grows
From all the love you have inside    

Repeat Chorus


Don’t Blame it On Me

Talk show on the radio says this world is a mess
All but 1% of us must learn to live with less    
Evil non-believers ride their basket bound for hell
The guy that doesn’t look like you, probably heads a terror sell
Our way of life is under siege, an organized  assault    
What happened to the good old days, we must find out who’s at fault… 

Blame it wealthy, who blame it on the poor
Blame it on Jehovah’s Witness knocking at your door
Blame it on the left, blame it on the right
Blame it on the vampires only out at night
    Blame it on Bush, Blame it on Obama
    Blame it on you childhood or blame it on your momma   
    Blame it on the Internet, the movies or TV    
    Or those indoctrinating videos you watched when you were 3

Don’t Blame it on me,
Its not my fault, 
I Don’t get involved until the problems solved
So don’t blame it on me

Blame it on the Pentagon, blame it on the hippies
Blame it on the 80’s or blame it on the 60's
Blame it on the CEO’s flying in their jets
Or the single Mom who trapped inside the safety net
    Blame it on conspiracies hiding in the shadows,
    Blame it on Fox, they all blame Rachel Maddow    
    Blame it on the truth that is trying to set us free
    Blame it on those who shirk responsibility…. 

            What we do for wealth and power, often not our finest hour    
            Sometimes I look in the mirror and see, a stranger looking back at me

Blame it on the victims who probably had it comin
Or the NRA who’s lookin for a hand to put a gun in
Blame it on the CO2 were pumping in the air    
Blame it on the apathetic, they won’t care
    Blame it on the ones who don’t believe the way I do
    If everyone believed like me our troubles would be through
    Blame it on the lawyers, politicians or the banks
    Blame it on the gasoline we put into our tanks
    Blame it on the advertisers all up in my face
    Blame it on developers who fill up open space
    Blame it on the devil and his insurance companies
    Blame it on them, whoever they might be….