Be Love

Bill Hartwell -guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi - guitar(s), bass, keyboards


Just Be Love”, said the burning man

With his Rolex watch and vacation tan

Love will find a way to put your soul at ease

Love will set you free, and bring us world peace


Now I don’t doubt, his words are true

But sometimes being love, is really hard to do

The way some people are, and the things that they believe

Sometimes Love, is the last thing you want to be



If you cant be love, be a little less hate

If you cant be curly, be a little less straight

Be the best you can, when you can’t be great

If you cant be love, be a little less hate


Love will change you, that much is true

But too much hate, is gonna change you too

If you can shine that light of love just a little bit every day  

Those shadows of hate,  will slowly fade away


Its an angry world, that’s slow to change

When people fear, what they see as strange

But it’s the little things that we can do everyday

That leads us down the path where love can find a way





Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi-guitar(s), keyboard accordian

Sharon Whyte-piano 



She loved flowered wallpaper and chipped china dishes

Had a drawer full of dreams and unfulfilled wishes

She was soft as a sunrise and hard as the rain

Had the hammer of Thor in her walking cane



Her family set sail from England, before she was born

Sailed into New York City, 10 years after the Civil War.       

Sisters Annie, Sophie and Winifred, raised in this brave new world

Then Rosamond followed, the youngest of these 4 city girls


She was raised as a proper young lady on high tea and lace

Raised to always remember her role and her womanly place  

But she was headstrong and stubborn, handful of trouble, determined to make her own choice

Then she met the handsome young salesman with the beautiful voice

            Rosamond, Rosamond fell in love with the upstate boy and his theater charm

            Rosamond, Rosamond a city girl lost on the farm


Repeat Chorus


As a girl she had plenty of dreams, just getting ready to start

But those lesser dreams faded away, when love took a hold of her heart

The streets of the city gave way to the farmer’s fields and a dusty dirt road

Where love like a garden would blossom and a family would grow


My Uncle, my Aunt and my Father, soon came along

Raised on Rosamond’s love and the words of my Grandfathers songs

And just when her children were all grown up, stepping out in the world on their own   

The love of her life passed away and left her alone

   Rosamond, Rosamond your grandchildren’s children have heard the stories you told

   Rosamond, Rosamond childhood memories of your love remain in my soul

Repeat Chorus

Only You

Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi - guitar(s)


Who’s the one who helps me hold

My dreams till they come true

Who’s the one who pulled me from

That ship of lost love fools

Who can take my color blue

And turn it in to something new…

Only you… Only You


Who’s the one who says she loves

Those silly things I say

Who can tie my crazy down

Before I fly away

Who shines as bright as Northern Lights

Brings color to my darkest night

Only you… Only you


            I no longer tell those lies that lonely people tell

            Like life is good and yes I’m doing well

            Now I say those words and I know that they’re all true

            And tomorrow is now something to look forward to

            And I know, it’s all because of you


Whose hand will I reach out for

When the world turns me down

And who will still be by my side

When the good times turn around

Who can do what you can do

To talk me down or pull me through

Only You … Only You

Only You … Only you

Walkin In Love

Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi - guitar(s),keyboards,background vocals

Danny Campbell - Drums



The rains keeps falling on the sidewalk, but I don’t care

That unhappy fellow at the bus stop is giving me the stare

My feet just can’t stop moving as I dance along

Singing the words to that happy song

Oh I know it's been so long…


You step just a little bit lighter, walkin in Love

And the stars shine a little bit brighter, walkin in love

The worried world just seems so far away

Perfect moments fill up my day

And there is nothing bad… getting in my way


         I’m walkin in love

         Walkin in love

   Walkin in love

I am walkin in love


                    Hold on Tight

                    The world is right tonight

                    But love can run & hide

                    Oh love, can be a wild ride


Hollywood movies like to show love that seems so real

But nothing in the movies prepared me for how I feel

The sound of the city is a symphony in my ear

Songs of love are all I hear

All my cares... have disappeared



I’m walkin in love

         Walkin in love

   Walkin in love

I am walkin in love

Over & Over Again

Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi - bass

Sharon Whyte - Piano


I dreamed my recliner could travel through time

Back to the past every time I reclined

Back to the moment when I met you

When our romance was shiny and new


I knew in my dream all that I know now

About the good times and the hard times we managed somehow

Then James Earl Jones spoke to me from above  

He said "I’ll give you a chance" to find a new love

Anyone that your old heart can dream of…

I smiled and said thank you my friend

But I’ll take this one over again… over & over again


So if I get the chance to live this life again

I might ask for just a little more money to spend

But I know it now just as I knew it then

I’d love you all over again… over & over again

Take a Picture of It

Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi - guitar(s), keyboards

Ken Gill - guitar solo

Bob Sale - Drums


I love my Quinoa salad with a side of bacon

It’s a work of art, this gourmet meal I’m makin

But I just cant eat it by myself, alone

So I dim the lights and grab my phone



          Take a picture of it

          All my friends will love it

          Post it on my page

          Become a viral rage

          Think of all the time, I am gonna save

          From the thousand words I won't have to say

          Take a picture of it


I love my dog, and everything she does

She’s a drooling, barking ball of unconditional love

She’s just so cute when she sleeps that way

I gotta show the world what I see everyday




                    Pictures can stop time and tell the truth

                    Pictures can throwback to a long gone youth

                    My Mom has a picture of me up upon her shelf

                    And now I can even take a picture of myself


So grab your camera phone and your I-Pad too

And capture every scene that speaks to you

Snap it, Post it, send it out in space

Let the whole world see your smiling face




Perfect Moments

Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi - guitar(s), keyboard

Danny Campbell - Drums


I used to push , I used to plan for the perfect life

Free of stress and free of strife

Hear the man shoutin at me on my TV set

I know what you need, what you gotta get

I thought the perfect life was something you  could buy

All those perfect moments passed me by


Perfect Moments happen every day

You don’t know when or where, or in what way

A splash of sunshine on a rainy day

Words of kindness you hear somebody say

It’s the soft and loving touch of a warm embrace

Or when you see that glimpse of hope… for the human race


            There will be fear, there will be pain

            Sometimes sorrow will fall like rain

            That perfect life might seem so far way

            But perfect moments still happen everyday


Perfect life is an illusion being bought and sold

Drink this, buy that, take this, you’ll never grow old

They say believe what I believe,  it will set you free

But they’re selling you a forest without looking at the trees

Perfection is the alter where dreams will die

Perfect Moments, are where dreams come alive


            Solo bridge


You can find a perfect moment in solitude

You can find it when you’re hanging with your abiding dudes

It’s the sound of voices singing harmony

Or that moment you know you’re where you were meant to be

It’s the soft and loving touch of a warm embrace

Or when you see that glimpse of hope… for the human race



Perfect Moments in the silence of the morning light

Perfect Moments In a starry, starry night

Perfect Moments In the wonder of a child’s eye

Perfect Moments…..


Whole Lot of Lonesome

Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi - Bass, keyboards


There's a table set for one in a faded kitchen light    

The flag from his last ride home is on the mantle folded tight

Some days it’s the anger, that fills her to the bone

But everyday she wrestles with alone

          She understands what happens, but she’ll never know what for

          Old men sending young men off to fight their glory wars

And she stares with mixed emotions, when she sees a flag unfurled

There’s a whole lot of lonesome in the world


In the corner of a classroom, a child stares out into space

He never chose to be this way, in this awful place

He reads the on-line ridicule and feels the constant stares

And wonders if there’s anyone who cares

          He thinks about what’s normal, what it feels like to fit in

          But he knows that no one knows, what it feels like to be him

He looks so much a boy, but he feels just like a girl

There’s a whole lot of lonesome in this world


          So many ways, to make a lonely heart

          Kindness is the place, where the end of lonesome starts


He finds a quiet doorway, on a cold and windy night

And hopes that no one finds him here, until the morning light

He can’t remember yesterday, but he remembers long ago

When there weren’t so many things he didn’t know      

          He dreams the same dream every night, as he lay upon the ground

          Maybe some one will help him, instead of walking around

But his thoughts and dreams and memories, in his mind are swirled

There’s a whole lot of lonesome in this world

There’s a whole lot of lonesome in this world


Ill Gotten Gains

Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi - guitar(s), organ

Danny Campbell - Drums


Brand new car,  2 new Suits

His Pockets are full, of some else’s hard earned loot

Never worked an honest day,  in his whole life

But he struck it rich the day he buried his 3rd wife

            Shattered lives and heartbreak lyin in his wake          

            He slithers through this world looking for something more to take



Ill Gotten Gains, are like runaway trains

They’ll run their course and end up burning out in flames

Karma is coming and it’s takin names

Someday, some way,  you’ll pay… for Ill gotten gains



Mr CEO, propped in place

With a sliver tongue, and a photogenic face   

His salary pays him 300 times more

Than the hard workin folks out on his factory floor

Private jet vacations and every front row seat

While his workers have to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet





Every Wall Street schemer, thieves out on the street

Dirty politicians or that Welfare cheat…


I aIn’t got no beef,  with that billionaire

Most of them work real hard, most of them play real fair

Or the hard working single mom, whose down on her luck

She needs a helping hand from a welfare buck

            But if you get ahead, by pushing other people down

            Be prepared to pay the price when the devil comes around




The Stupid Side of Me

Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi - guitar(s)

Sharon Whyte - Piano

Danny Campbell - Drums


I ain’t Mensa, but Momma didn’t raise no fool     

I got a PhD in stuff that you don’t learn in school

But every now when I look into the mirror, the man I see

Is looking back at the stupid side of me…


I had a friend, way back in 1983

Told me to invest my money in some computer company

Instead I bought a Cadillac and a brand new leisure suit

Cause no one’s gonna buy computers named for fruit

          Now my caddy and my suits are gone and he’s as rich as he can be

          And I’m a poor man livin with the stupid side of me.



                    I’ve got a good side, I try to live with every day

                    I’ve got a bad side, I work hard to keep at bay

                    I’ve got a wild side, screaming set me free

                    But this stupid side will be the death of me


She was a beauty, as sweet as Georgia tea

I loved that woman and I know that she loved me

But a fool in love is what I was, and love was just a game to play

She asked me where this is goin, and I ran away

          I broke her heart with nonsense about needing to be free

          Now I’m alone at night with just the stupid side of me




          Lord save me from the stupid side of me



Turning Point

Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi - guitars(s), string arrangements

Sharon Whyte - Piano

Sunset closes out another day

Can’t keep the voices of my heart at bay

Pushing and pulling me another way

Now it’s time to listen to what they say



Turning Point, Grow or Die

Leap of Faith, Fade or Fly

Turning Point, Fork in the Road,

I know too well, where this road goes

It’s in my hands, that much is clear, Damn that fear the keeps me here

Turning Point


Some folks never have to reach too far

From what they do, to who they are

Others dream and drift and doubt

And take some time to work it out





                    One Road leads, to inspiration

                    One road leads to resignation

                    The sun will set, time won’t stand still

                    If I don’t go now, then I never will


Fear and Change, drift in the wind

You can hold your breath or breath it in

So roll the dice, play your hand

State your case and make a stand



Turn It Up

Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals

Jim Soldi - other guitars, bass

Sharon Whyte - Piano

Ken Gill - lead guitars

Danny Campbell - Drums


Peace & Freedom, Peace & Quiet

The world's an auditory riot   

Shattering, clamoring, clattering in my head

Chaos & cacophony

Convivial camaraderie

A little bit louder, just might wake the dead


         Turn it up, a little bit louder

         Turn it up, become a shouter

         This aint no time for contemplation     

         Send your brain on a long vacation

         Shout, Drown em out, Turn it up


Apocalyptic Armageddon

Whose in charge of where were headin

Vote for me, I will take you there

There’s a fight to be the next sensation

So shout your righteous indignation  

Because the loudest voice is the only one who cares


         Turn it up, Little bit louder

         Turn it up, drown out all the doubters

         Sensory overload 24/7  

         Crank that volume past 11

         Shout, Drown em out, Turn it up

         Shout, Drown em out, Turn it up



All Out

 Bill Hartwell -acoustic guitar,vocals


When I was younger I cared a lot more

About what others thought and what others wore

I'd give a fuck at the drop of a hat

Especially if someone said this about that


But now that I’m older I’m much more judicious

I treat the fucks that I give like a Genie's 3 wishes

It's not that I’m callous or that I don't care

I just don’t have a whole lot of fucks I can spare




            So go on and judge me, tell me I'm wrong

            Tell me you don’t like the words to this song

            You're wasting your time if your trying to tell me

            How you think I should live..

            I’m all out of fucks to give


Celebrity drama, Political games

Narcissists lusting for power and fame

Beliefs and Opinions you feel you must shout

Are the Kinds of fucks I no longer give out


            REPEAT CHORUS



                        Empathy, Love, Compassion and Joy

                        Kindness and live & let live    

                        Keeping alive the earth and the sky                   

                        Are the only fucks, I find worthy to give


So if you want me to join you and become a hater

Or listen to those self righteous hate bloviaters

Don’t bother cause I have my own life to live

And I'm all out of those kinds of fucks to give


            REPEAT CHORUS